Tolerance is my gift. Diversity in the work place my endeavor. My secret? I want to sew again.

I am a fabric bigot. Wait! What?  Didn’t you just say tolerance was a gift?  When it comes to clothing, textiles and fabrics from natural beginnings are my bias; silk, cotton, wool, linen.  I have learned that forgiveness is important and fabrics are no different, hence I have accepted spandex and lycra into the mix.

Yes, yes, I know that polyester, rayon, viscose, scuba are so much more breathable now, and oh, la, la the handle, the body, the color, and durability!  Just not for me, hot flashes and man made fibers can not co-exist on the this menopausal woman’s body.  I have sadly, but not regrettably, walked away from many beautiful items due to my hard core natural fiber bias.

Designer clothes are my passion.  Couture is my dream.  Natural fibers in designer clothes are so expensive that Ready To Wear (RTW) is no longer an option for me.

My mother is the reason for my gift of tolerance, and for a less virtuous gift, she also gave me a sewing machine for high school graduation.  While I work everyday to exercise my gift of tolerance, unfortunately, my sewing machine has not had as much of a work out at all.  It has made one dress, 2 children’s Halloween costumes, and less than 10 throw pillows in 36 years.  I am about to dust it off and embark on a journey.

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